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Six Mile MOPS Group Guidelines 


We are all in this together. Motherhood is thrilling and difficult at the same time. We would like the Six Mile MOPS to be a place of encouragement, hope, and friendship. Therefore, we would like for all of us to commit to following these suggestions: 


  1. CONFIDENTIALITY: What is shared in the group, stays in the group. This especially refers to private conversations.

  2. BE CONSIDERATE of others; please silence your phones. 

  3. NO CONVINCING: Different opinions are welcome. However, please don’t try to convince others to your way of thinking. Agree to disagree agreeably.  

  4. DON’T FIX: Let’s try to hear what people are sharing without trying to fix them. 

  5. DON’T RESCUE: When someone is sharing, resist the temptation to pass a tissue, touch them, or remark. This is hard, but it really is loving to give people uninterrupted time to express themselves.

  6. LISTEN: Let’s value one another during the discussion by really listening to what is being shared. Be aware of how much you are talking; we want to give everyone a chance to share.

  7. PAUSE: After someone shares, allow a pause in conversation to give the person sharing the chance to finish.

  8. COMMIT TO RESOLVING CONFLICT: The two things that bond a group more than anything else are conflict and crisis. Nobody wants either, but this is real life. Try to view conflict within the group as an opportunity to grow closer, to learn more about each other. “Travel light.” Commit to working through the conflict, rather than sweeping it under the rug or holding on to a grudge. Pretending everything is okay, putting up walls, or venting with someone else breaks down relationships and is not loving. If you’re not sure how to resolve a conflict and need help, ask your mentor or another MOPS leader. 


Attendance Policy 

In order to make the most of the MOPS experience for both you and other moms at your table, it is important for you to attend on a regular basis.  When you are unable to attend a MOPS meeting (e.g. sick child, out of town, etc.), please call your group leader/mentor on or before the day of the meeting to let her know.  It is our intention that your time with the ladies at your table be no different than meeting a friend at lunch.  Please be respectful and let them know if you can’t be there.  If you do not attend MOPS for more than a month with no contact with your group leader, then it is possible that you could lose any spaces in MOPS Kids program that your child/ren may hold. 

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